60 days — what a crock

My wife has an LLBean credit card. And, most months, the statement is accompanied by a sheet of “access checks”. She’s been trying to get them to stop sending then forever — without success. But now that BofA is behind the card (instead of MBNA), she tried again this afternoon.

Susan at the toll-free number tried to talk her out of it, claiming that their “zero liability policy” made sending the checks safe — but she reluctantly admitted that they could be “suppressed” but it would take 60 days.

Let’s see…they can authorize transactions in milliseconds, but it takes 60 days to stop sending something that the customer Absolutely Does Not Want? Tells you where their priorities are…

(If it weren’t for the free shipping from Bean, the card would have been shredded long ago on this issue — “zero liability” does not mean “zero hassle”)