Almost ready to fall off the GND wagon

I brought a bunch of technical books home for the holiday, with the idea of working on a web service to help me get things done. So far, I haven’t opened any of the books, nor have I touched the project.

Instead, I’ve been practicing GND: Getting Nothing Done.

That’s not quite true: I have managed to enter a couple of shelves’ worth of books into LibraryThing, I’ve read a few books (mostly not fiction) and have blogged about them, and I even spent a day adapting some code I’d written for my Temple to their new membership data system. And I’ve been going to the JCC a lot (and eating a lot of tasty food to make up for it). But, in general, I’ve been enjoying my downtime (and, very specifically, I have not checked my work email).

But I’m beginning to feel restless. I’m not quite to the point that Todd wrote about earlier today: “[Y]ou may have reached that consummate stage of holidaydom where you’re not enjoying your down time much — you know, the part where you’re bored out of your mind and need to get a technology news or general Web fix” but I could see myself there in another few days.

So it’s time to dust off the to-do list and start looking at it. Looking can’t hurt, can it?

2 thoughts on “Almost ready to fall off the GND wagon

  1. What does the temple use for membership? I’m trying to sift through something called MM2000 and getting it to interact with our temple‚Äôs accounting application. The interface is Windows circa 1993.

  2. Connie Reece called me in to get you back on the GND bandwagon. I see that you are still in the grey area between GTD and GND. You’re doing stuff but…well it’s not exactly important right? Please contact me if you feel yourself slipping further.

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