When I decided to mentor an Extreme Blue project team this summer, I knew it would throw a monkey wrench into our usual vacation pattern, but I thought we’d manage to get to Worldcon and take at least a one-week vacation in mid-summer.

Worldcon fell victim to the scheduling of Extreme Blue Expo — we could have gone to the con, but I would have had to leave before the Hugo ceremonies, and we decided to skip it instead. But Diane and I knew we could get free this week, so we were all set to do something…until Jeff told us that it was a busy week at his internship (at the JCRC).

So we’re taking a staycation. Jeff’s free on Wednesday, so we’ll do something as a family that day (probably something farther away than San Jose, though at this point, I wouldn’t bet on it), and the rest of the week, Diane and I will have some time to ourselves. Except Thursday, when she’s going to help him with a food distribution project, which required a trip to the county health department this morning to get a TB test read. And Thursday night, when I have improv class.

Maybe after school starts….