A blast from the past (or something like it)

A long, long time ago, I put my first personal website on GeoCities, for the simple reason that it existed, it didn’t get in my way, and it was free. Over time, the second of those reasons became less true, and I switched to blogging, first at editthispage.com, and then to here. I never bothered moving the GeoCities pages, because that would have been something like work.

But now that Yahoo is going to turn off the lights on GeoCities sometime this year, I decided I didn’t want to lose my earliest web efforts (or at least not the travel stuff), and so I copied all of the actual content to this site.

The only pieces that might be of interest to anyone outside my family are my 1998 trip reports: Australia (mostly for WWW9) and the beginning of a never-completed trip report from Hursley and Paris. I wonder what I was going to write about rugby?