Weekend update

There haven’t been any significant developments on the job front since I last posted:

  • I’m still happy with my decision not to pursue a new full-time position inside IBM
  • I’m willing to take a look if a new full-time position (inside or outside IBM) pursues me
  • I’m not sure when my last day at IBM will be
  • I expect to be looking for real work once that last day is nailed down

I had a great weekend doing other things, instead of worrying about work.

Friday night, Diane and I went to ComedySportz to see the regular show (very good) and their special Shakespearian Midnight Show, Much Improv about Nothing (excellent). I wish the Midnight Show were earlier, though!

Saturday, we went to Torah Study (and finished studying the book of Ezra-Nehemiah) and then to services (where we finished Exodus). And then we enjoyed the nice weather for the rest of the day; I went looking for a kit to make a raised bed for my soon-to-happen garden but didn’t buy one (I’m thinking of the MiniFarmBox, since the local Ace Hardware store has it available — any comments are welcome!), and tried to order business cards at the local OfficeDepot but no one was at their service desk, so I gave up and ordered them online instead.

Sunday, I went to Prayerbook Hebrew class, then we both went to Talmud class to study the ethics of whistleblowing. Then we went to Savannah-Chanelle Winery with the Shir Hadash Sisterhood for a tour and tasting; they were selling the 2006 Pinot Noir and the 2007 Syrah at a very nice price in full cases, so we participated in an impromptu group buy of both. And then I went back to ComedySportz to support the other half of my Rec League class by watching their (very funny) final show of this series; we start classes again next week, so I suspect we’ll have a show in late April, which I’ll pimp incessantly on Twitter and Facebook.

Today, it was back to the office; I finally managed to watch the introductory video from Right Management (it requires Windows Live Player on Windows as far as I can tell; oh, well). I also did a good amount of cleanup of files I don’t need any more (and, for the most part, haven’t needed for several years), especially on servers. And I talked with several colleagues (not all of whom had heard my news yet, somewhat to my surprise).

Tomorrow…well, tomorrow is another day.

4 thoughts on “Weekend update

  1. huh, so you are definitely retiring from IBM, ie drawing on your pension? Surely if you were being laid off, the package would have specified the exact date…

  2. I guess I can’t get away with being vague and coy!

    The package has an exact date (31 March), but there is an option for a brief extension for “business need”.

    I’m on one project which is of sufficient personal interest to me that I’m trying to get a brief extension so I can bring my part to a natural turn-over point, and my management is willing to make the case.

    And if I’m being honest with myself, I’m not 100% ready to leave yet.

    But I’m ready to know what my end date is going to be; that should happen today.

  3. Sorry, didn’t mean to force the issue, it was another of those “vague” things that look clear from one angle, but obtuse from another.

    Funnily, I’ve been writing your IBM obit in my head, this was the same process I went through when my package came. I assume by now my intranet blog entries have been removed, I really enjoyed writing them and although they didn’t turn into the list of important but not CV value accomplishments from my time at IBM that I sat down to write, I’m still glad I wrote them.

    I’m still juggling the WebAhead and conferences where we attended together and trying to get things lined up in my head. Suffice to say you were one of those great influences on many peoples careers at IBM, including mine.

  4. No worries about “forcing the issue” — I appreciate finding out how other people are reading what I’m writing.

    I’d be interested in seeing your “IBM obit” for me!

    For those playing along inside the firewall, your blog entries live on (though I’m not sure what they’re going to do with blogs of former employees when BlogCentral gets merged with Lotus Connections Blogs (and I guess I won’t find out directly!)).

    I had forgotten about it, I must admit, but I’ve reread the last few entries and recommend them for those who still have access.

    I like the idea of writing something about the various conferences over the years; it may take a while.

    And you were a great influence on my career; I’m glad I can thank you “in person”. Too many others are already beyond the range of the Internet.

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