Date Certain

The news, once more, came in a phone call.

Even though I’d decided not to look for a new full-time position in IBM, there was one project that had recently heated up where I would be able to make a significant dent in a short time. So I asked my management to investigate extending my departure date for a month or two so I could attack that problem.

They investigated, but the answer was, as I expected, “no.” My manager gave me the word during our regular call today.

Even though I’d been expecting the news, hearing the final answer was still daunting.

So now I have a date certain for my retirement from IBM – March 31, 2010. My retirement celebration (my word, not IBM’s) will be a bit later. And I can turn my full attention to figuring out what comes next.

One thought on “Date Certain

  1. So now no doubts about ‘what is’. I can hear the disappointment in your voice, and the acceptance. Now the power is your choosing! Figuring what’s next will happen seemingly like magic if you just take one small step a day…

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