Credit where credit is due

We just got back from a wonderful Alaska cruise on Silversea’s Silver Shadow. I wasn’t sure that my 16GB memory card would hold the photos and video I’d be taking during the cruise, so one of the last things I did before leaving was visit Fry’s to pick up a spare.

As it turns out, 16GB was plenty (especially since I took my computer along and unloaded the camera nightly), and so I never even opened the package for the new memory card. Fry’s has a 15-day return policy for memory, and I decided I’d exercise it while running post-cruise errands today. Diane came with me, armed with a book to keep her busy while waiting, and a smile to make me feel better.

But Fry’s surprised us. We were in and out of the store in well under 5 minutes; I’m not sure she even opened her book!

Oh, and the pictures? I’ve posted some on a public album on Facebook, with more to come. Most of the ones that I’ve posted so far were posted live from my iPhone during the trip (AT&T’s 3G service in Juneau was nothing short of amazing — I wish it were half as fast here), but I’ll be adding more soon.

2 thoughts on “Credit where credit is due

  1. You’ve walked one glacier, you’ve walked them all. But the helicopter ride was SUPERB.

    (And having Internet connectivity on the glacier so I could post photos in realtime was cool.)

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