In Praise of Venice Classic Radio

We like to have light classical music in the background while we’re at home. During most of the year, we usually listen to our local classical station, KDFC, or one of SiriusXM‘s classical channels. But once Thanksgiving rolls around, things change. “Holiday” music begins to creep into the playlist, and as the month goes on, it takes up more and more airtime.

But I’ve found an alternative – Venice Classic Radio. Their playlist is blessedly free from “holiday” music for most of the month – they do play the occasional real classical Christmas piece, but it’s a small part of their programming, and they mostly save it until Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I heard Silent Night yesterday and Nutcracker today, both of which were very pleasant indeed; they also played Kol Nidre today, much to my surprise.

Check them out any time you want classical music without interruption (they play a 30-second multi-lingual station ID at the top of the hour, but that’s the only announcement you’ll hear) – and especially during December!

Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good night!