Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Five

We stayed out of stores today! We had plenty of food on hand that was ready to be cooked, so there was no need to shop.

We did take our usual two walks – I see more and more people on the streets and sidewalks every day, keeping a good distance from each other.

We attended Torah Study via Zoom this morning; I thought it went fairly well (though some people treated us to a view of their ceilings the whole time). Rabbi Aron even broke us into small groups for a short discussion, something which wouldn’t have happened in person – but some of the groups didn’t really have critical mass. Diane and I used separate computers to join – we’re going to see if we can figure out how to set up in one place next week.

In the evening, we watched [Silicon Valley Shakespeare(’s broadcast of As You Like It (Act I and Act II); we’d seen that production but probably not that specific performance. Good times!

And we bought virtual tickets for TheatreWorks’s showing of They Promised Her The Moon. It was a play we wanted to see, but the timing wasn’t going to work – now it does.

I also got back to work on culling photos – I am up to August, 2000! It may take a while….