Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Six

We started the day like any other Sunday, with a quick trip to the Los Gatos Farmers’ Market in hopes of finding fish and a walk along the Los Gatos Creek Trail. Our favorite fish vendor was at the market and had the tuna we liked. I was slightly surprised that she still only takes cash (most of the vendors had signs asking people to use Venmo or other touch-free methods). My purchase was $19.75; I told her to keep the change! This was the first cash I’d spent in at least a week.

The Los Gatos Creek Trail was a little less busy than it would have been on a typical Sunday (though there were occasional clumps of people – we were able to avoid them by waiting or speeding up), and it was good to get some distance underfoot.

A few years ago, we installed can lights in most of our ceilings – at the time, LEDs weren’t available, so halogen bulbs were the preferred choice. One of those bulbs finally gave up the ghost – which means all of them are likely to go soon. I’m out of halogen bulbs, but I did have one LED retrofit can light left, so I’m OK for now, but I need more – the local Home Depot has a good supply, but I don’t want to go into the store, so I ordered six for delivery late this week (I hope).

I had two Zoom meetings in the afternoon – one for Shir Hadash and one for Toastmasters. I haven’t had two conference calls in a row since leaving IBM – at least these were effectively run and produced results!

Dinner was a take-and-bake pesto pizza from Tony & Alba’s. Yummy!