Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Seven

Last night, a nurse made an appeal for N95 masks on our local NextDoor group. We had most of a box left from the fires a couple of years ago, so we donated them to her this morning. And while we were out, we drove to Lunardi’s and picked up food for a few days – I wish I’d bought olive oil, though, because we’re going through it a lot faster than we normally do, and it was on sale!

Our new toaster oven arrived this afternoon (a day early!), courtesy of Amazon and the USPS; UPS was supposed to deliver some shoes, too, but even though the truck drove past our house, it didn’t stop. Fortunately, I’m in no hurry for the shoes.

Because we wanted to have someone at home in the event of a package arriving, Diane and I took separate walks this afternoon; I think that’s the farthest apart we’ve been for more than a week!

I had a Toastmasters meeting this evening with the Silicon Valley Storytellers; it went pretty well, with hardly any technical glitches. People are getting used to using Zoom.

Really not much exciting today – and I don’t mind.

3 thoughts on “Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Seven

  1. Terri Wells who lives down the street from us has been doing Toastmasters for awhile (almost a DTM). She just attended her first virtual Toastmasters meeting with the club she has been mentoring and said it went quite well.

  2. I got my DTM about 7 years ago; I’m trying to finish a second one under the old program before it times out on June 30th, so I’m mentoring a club at Citrix. It’s gotten a lot more challenging in the last two weeks, but they’re trying to keep up their momentum.

  3. Terri says Tostmasters has extended the time to get old program DTMs completed due to Covid 19

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