Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Eight

We took a longer-than-usual walk this morning, going all the way to Office Depot (which looked like it was open, though I didn’t actually go in). On the way home, we walked by the Los Gatos Trader Joe’s, which had a huge line outside – people were six feet apart, and the store was only letting a few people in at a time. Bravo!

When I went out to the grill to cook lunch, I was surprised to find ants all over it – I’d never seen that before, but then again, this is an unusual year. I poured a few liters of boiling water on the grill, and that seemed to get rid of the ants, at least long enough to make lunch.

We took turns walking again while waiting for UPS to deliver my shoes – it’s amazing how long the truck takes to go from “In Your Area” to “Almost There” to “Delivered”! But eventually, the shoes arrived – I’ll unbox them sometime, I guess.

In normal times, tonight would have been trivia night at Khartoum in Campbell; the theme was announced two weeks ago (before their planned St. Patrick’s break) as March Madness and Spring Training (not my strong points). A good part of the group got together on Zoom with appropriate beverages – someone had a trivia game, so we played it for a while. It was good to see everyone, even if only on the screen – we’re going to do it again next week (and maybe bring in our members who’ve left the area).

And so it goes.

2 thoughts on “Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Eight

  1. We’ve been participating in Festivals of the Living Room this past weekend (online filk replacing the filk convention Consonance that was to be held that weekend). There are still concerts from that event on the Facebook group if you are interested. There will apparently be a Festivals of the Living Room #2 in mid-May. Other than that we have been busy cancelling travel plans. We had a European river cruise scheduled for late April – that’s not happening. Also, Balticon and Worldcon (New Zealand) so far are not happening while others (Westercon, etc.) are in limbo.

  2. We were supposed to be leaving in two weeks for a Japan/Korea cruise, starting with a few days in Taiwan. Nope. Our flights were on United, so I have to gird myself to battle them for the refund.

    And we’re supposed to go to Iceland in late July – that’s not yet completely impossible, but I have my doubts; final payment is due on April 1st, and I’m hoping they make a decision by then on whether to try to proceed or not.

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