Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Seventeen

If it’s Thursday, it must be Toastmasters – two meetings, in fact. Both went fairly smoothly; I was an evaluator at both of them.

We had to do separate walks this morning because we were waiting for another wine delivery, this time from Silver Mountain Winery via FedEx – it arrived just as we sat down for lunch (of course!). I went to the door so the FedEx driver could satisfy herself that she was delivering to someone over 21 (no, she didn’t ask to see my ID!), wrestled the box into the house, changed my clothes, and had lunch. I’ll let the box decontaminate itself for a day or so and then take care of it.

I decided that the wine that was delivered on Tuesday had waited long enough; it’s all in the closet now. There are a couple of bottles that probably need a year to rest before they’re ready, but the rest of them are fair game!

And I successfully finished pruning and geotagging my photos from 2000. It’s a start!