Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Twenty-Four

If this year was like all other years, the Silver Tongued Cats wouldn’t have met this morning because it’s the first day of Passover and the JCC is closed. But this year, we’re meeting on Zoom, so we met anyway and had a productive and interesting meeting – if anyone would like to visit us, ask me for the link.

And because it is the first day of Passover and we’re home, we went to services at Shir Hadash (on Zoom); there were about 20 families in attendance, and things went reasonably smoothly.

I spent the rest of the day beginning the migration from my old laptop to the new MacBook Air – I’m starting by migrating applications and trying not to bring everything across. I’m also trying to wean myself from Dropbox, since I won’t be able to install it on this machine (I’m over the 3-machine limit for a free account) – so far, I’ve moved iTerm2 and Keyboard Maestro to iCloud Drive, but there’s much more to be done (I’m up to the “M”s in the Applications folder; I haven’t started looking at my data yet).

Good thing I’m not rushing to do this before a vacation!