Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Thirty

I’d forgotten that today would normally have been Tax Day until we walked by our neighbors and found them greeting us on their lawn:

Of course, I made sure to be at least six feet away when I took the photo!

I’m continuing to have good Internet connectivity with my own modem (Xfinity’s is still in its shrinkwrap). An all-day ping to my Linode server has only shown three dropped packets, which doesn’t seem too terrible. But I’m going to wait another couple of days before I return their modem, just in case.

Speaking of returning things, I sent my old MacBook Pro to Apple for recycling and trade-in. I’d bought it just under 10 years ago, soon after being laid off from IBM. My manager allowed me to hang on to IBM’s MacBook Pro for a few weeks until Apple’s new models were available, for which I’m still grateful; I’m sure if I’d bought the previous model, I would have had to replace it a long time ago!

Now I’m erasing my old Time Capsule – it was never the most reliable form of backup, and it’s time to put it out to pasture, too. I guess I should get a small hard disk and use it for Time Machine; I hardly ever have restored a file from Time Machine (partially because doing it from a Time Capsule was painful), but there’ll be a time sometime when I need to…right?