Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Thirty-One

Let’s start with the good news:

  • United refunded our tickets for Taiwan/Japan! I called them on Saturday; the agent told me that it might take ten days or more before the refunds department did anything, but this morning, I saw a refund for our tickets had been posted to my Chase Sapphire Reserve account.
  • The Humanscale Freedom Saddle Seat that I’d ordered on March 25th from arrived yesterday – not bad for an item that quotes 30-day delivery times under normal conditions. It was in a huge box, which I took apart on the front porch and just brought the chair inside. I think doing that reduced the chance of contamination; it certainly was easier than dragging the whole box in.
  • We ordered 10.5 cubic feet (7 bags) of potting soil to refill our raised beds late last night, and it got delivered this morning. Much easier than going to the garden center, even if I did still have to haul it into the back yard. We have to weed the beds (we haven’t planted anything for a couple of years because travel – not a problem this year!) and then we can plant some veggies for the summer. I also have EarthBox refills on order, but they may take a week or so to get here.

Diane has started to make masks; she thought it would be easier if she had some bias tape, so we walked to RiteAid and looked in their sewing section. No bias tape, but they did have a pair of sewing scissors and some hair elastics.

Both my Toastmasters meetings went smoothly; people are getting comfortable with the tools.

And Passover is over for the year; pizza tasted REALLY good today!