Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Thirty-Two

We started the day with a little light exercise – refreshing the soil in our raised beds. I’d ordered 10.5 cubic feet (7 bags) of soil which was delivered yesterday; I thought I’d have some left over for the EarthBoxes, but it was just enough.

Of course, we had to weed and till before we added the new soil – luckily, it was cool this morning. I was disappointed, though, that my Apple Watch didn’t give me credit for exercise – I was sure breathing hard, especially when I was schlepping the bags of soil!

Diane continued working on the first face mask; the second one will be much easier (she hopes). She also says that she’s sewn straighter seams in her life (but it was probably in high school).

The only time I ever tried sewing anything was at a “Sewing Machine Safety and Basic Use” class at TechShop, probably in 2010 or 2011. I made a small bag, which has been sitting in the cabinet of our sewing machine ever since!

We attended two Shabbat Evening services today through the miracles of timezones and Zoom. Dina, a friend from Florida, had been scheduled to read Torah for the first time tomorrow, but the lockdown stopped that; instead, she gave the D’var Torah at her congregation’s service and invited friends from near and far to join her. A couple of hours later, we Zoomed to Shir Hadash’s first live Shabbat Evening service – it was nice to see and chat with friends we haven’t seen for a while!

Shabbat Shalom!