Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Thirty-Three

We had Torah Study on Zoom (as usual for a Saturday).

We hired a new landscape maintenance person (our previous one vanished back in October). Hopefully, he’ll be able to start work soon!

Diane finished her first mask and we mailed it to Jeff (the Post Office was surprisingly crowded, but we had masks and I was able to use the Self-Serve Kiosk to print my Priority Mail label, so we didn’t actually get close to anyone!), then we took a long walk through downtown Los Gatos and avoided people. :-)

Lunch was takeout from Armadillo Willy’s – tasty, but I probably won’t need to have any fries for a while. Dinner was balsamic marinated chicken breast (recipe from EatingWell, July/August 2011 issue).

And other than that, I’ve spent the day playing with code. At least I haven’t been watching the news!