Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Forty

We got out early enough this morning to take a long walk before Torah Study and Shir Shabbat services – both were live events, which was a very nice change of pace.

I spent most of the afternoon working on photos – I’m almost finished with April, 2001 (I finished editing a trip to Israel, Hursley, and Paris and I’m halfway through a ten-day trip to Hong Kong). So many duplicates….

Dinner was takeout from Manresa – it makes a nice change from my cooking!

Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Thirty-Nine

It was a much less busy day today than yesterday – no need to call Apple, Chase, or anyone!

We got a shipping notice for Diane’s new iPhone SE; unlike all of the other Apple products we’ve ordered in the past few years, the origin of the shipment isn’t Shanghai – it’s Rialto, California. But at this point, all that FedEx shows is “Shipment Information Sent to FedEx”, so the phone could be almost anywhere.

I got back to editing and culling photos; I only got through a few days’ worth from 2001, but I found an amazing number of true duplicates, as well as lots of near-duplicates. Culling is fun!

We watched the final installment of From the Files of Denmark Metro live – there was a little chatter in the chat window, but nothing like the feedback you get in person. It’s a fun little comedy – worth the hour or so, especially if you like Shakespeare. Episode Three hasn’t been posted as I type this, but it will be up soon.

Shabbat Shalom!

Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Thirty-Eight

A couple of days ago, a notification flitted across my phone’s screen: “$99 charge from Apple on your Chase Sapphire Reserve card”. At least that’s what I thought it said – it vanished quickly and I couldn’t get it back.

This morning, I looked at the credit card online and, sure enough, there was a $99 charge from “APPLE.COM/US” – but neither Diane nor I could figure out what it could be. And neither of us had any email from Apple about a $99 charge, and looking at our Apple accounts didn’t enlighten us.

This afternoon, I chatted with Apple Support about the charge – the rep couldn’t figure it out, either, and told me to call their account support team. After 20 minutes or so on hold (props to Apple for giving me a choice of what kind of hold music to play and offering silence as an option), I was talking with a rep who looked at all of our accounts and didn’t see any $99 transactions. He told me to call Chase.

I didn’t want to call Chase – their website has been warning about LONG hold times – but I had no alternative. After going through the automated attendant and refusing to take the hint to go online, I had to wait at least 5 seconds before being connected to a human being – outrageous! She transferred me to the fraud team, and now I have a new card on its way to me.

I don’t understand how someone could fraudulently create a charge claiming to be Apple and get away with it (and the cash), but I guess it’s not my problem any more.

In more cheerful news, we watched the first two episodes of City Lights Theatre’s production of “From the Files of Denmark Metro”, a comedy/mystery set around the events in Hamlet – all of the actors are safely sheltered in their own homes and interacting over the Internet. It’s funny, and they’ve come up with some interesting ways of dealing with props. The final episode will be live tomorrow night on Facebook (you can watch the first two episodes on YouTube and they’ll add the final one to that page, too). Recommended.

Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Thirty-Seven

We talked to Jeff this morning and played online trivia (courtesy of the Santa Clara City Library) with some of our usual trivia team tonight. Those were the high points of the day.

We also got Diane’s car smogged so we could renew the registration; it was pretty painless and nearly contact-free (I almost picked up the pen attached to the request form but realized what I was doing and used my own pen instead). And we got to walk while the car was being checked.

Today makes thirty-seven consecutive days I’ve posted to this blog; I thought that might be my record but it’s not even close – I hit 83 consecutive days in 2000 (it would have been 95 days if I hadn’t joined in the “Day without Weblogs” effort for World AIDS Day that year).

I intend to blog (even if there’s not much to say) daily during the Shelter-in-Place order here; I hope I don’t break my record!

Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Thirty-Six

If it’s Tuesday, this must be Belgium shopping day – we made our weekly trip to Lunardi’s mid-afternoon, when it was reasonably uncrowded. More customers were wearing masks than last week, but there were still a few going around with bare faces.

And since it was Tuesday, it was also Xfinity day – this week, I returned the cable modem I’d picked up last Tuesday, still shrink-wrapped. I was hoping to return it via UPS, but couldn’t print a label because Xfinity’s website didn’t show it as a device on my account (maybe because I never activated it); in the event, I think I spent less time interacting with the greeter at Xfinity who took the modem and came back a minute later to hand me a receipt than I would have had to spend at UPS getting them to package up the modem.

And since it was Tuesday, it also was pick-up-a-take-and-bake-pizza day; once more, we got it at Tony & Alba’s, again with nearly no interaction.

And since it was Tuesday, we had our Trivial Zoom session; Khartoum’s quizmaster sends us old trivia scripts each week and we go through them. It’s not quite the same as being there, but the beer is cheaper.