Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Sixty-Two

The big events today were musical – first, a Zoom house concert hosted by an IBM colleague. The entertainment was by Lisa Gutkin and Lisa’s Pieces, although the limitations of the technology meant that each performer had to solo; check out her website for some samples (and she has a Zoom concert every Wednesday at 5pm Pacific, which I hope to attend). Beyond the entertainment, it was great to see and talk with many IBM friends (I think they’re all retired from IBM by this point, though I could be wrong), some of whom I haven’t seen for a decade. Thanks, Bill and Nancy, for inviting us!

We also Zoomed into the Gilbert and Sullivan Society of San Jose (aka Lyric Theatre) annual meeting. There were presentations and financial statements and a suspense-free election, but there were also G&S songs recorded by members of the company – one advantage to a Zoom meeting is that you can sing along as long as you’re muted, and we were!

Pre-ordering fish from Santa Cruz Seafood at the Farmers’ Market worked very well, so we’ll do it again next week (and the salmon was tasty, too). The cool and rainy weather probably reduced the crowd, but it was very nice not to stand in line anyway.