Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day Eighty-Seven

As usual, Thursday brought two Toastmasters meetings. The morning meeting was the Silver Tongued Cats – I’ve been Treasurer for the last two years, but I’ll be switching to the VP Public Relations role for next year; it’s a role I’ve never had, so it should be interesting. We are having an Open House next Thursday at 7:30am Pacific – all are welcome, just register here to get the Zoom link.

The other meeting was the club I’ve been mentoring, Toastrix at Citrix. I was the only speaker today; I started Level 2 of the Engaging Humor path with a speech about Quarantine Cooking (though I think I spent slightly more than half the time talking about cooking experiences in the Before Times).

Other than that, it was a quiet day (it helps that I mostly stayed off Twitter and Facebook). Onward to the weekend!