Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 135

Every morning at 7:12am, a server I control runs programs to fetch data from Toastmasters World Headquarters and load it into a database, then create various reports for my local Toastmasters District, District 101.

This morning, things didn’t work as expected. Toastmasters had finally closed out the 2019-20 program year and started reporting on 2020-21. Most years, my code doesn’t have any problem with the transition, but this isn’t “most years”.

When I finally got around to looking at the problem, it turned out that they’d changed the (undocumented) URL I had to use to get data from their website as a CSV; it was an easy fix once I found the new (undocumented) URL.

As long as I was making changes, I thought it was a good idea to upgrade to Python 3.8, which meant I had to build that version on the DreamHost server. DreamHost had changed the underlying Linux since the last time I’d had to build new version of Python, and now they had a reasonably current level of OpenSSL, so everything went smoothly.

Happy New Year!