Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 152

I’ve been geotagging my old photos as I cull and edit them. Putting them in the right city would probably be sufficient, but I’ve been trying to locate them as precisely as possible. Google Image Search is the main tool I use, but sometimes I have to give it some hints, and one of the best sources of those hints is this very blog. I used to be fairly good about blogging about my trips as I took them…at least the first couple of days of the trip.

When I was working on photos from our trip to London in July 2005 yesterday, I used my blog to help me find where we’d gone, which reminded me that we’d taken several walks with London Walks on that trip, starting with the Old Westminster Walk. I decided to see if their website might have any info that would help me pin down the locations of my photos. It wasn’t much help, but I did see that they are back on the streets of London and also offering virtual walks on Zoom.

We hadn’t planned on going to London this year (we were going to change planes in Heathrow, but that hardly counts!), but a virtual London Walk sounded like a good change of pace. So this morning, we took The Magic of London with Richard Walker and really enjoyed the experience. The tour was a little over an hour long, but there was chatting before and after (we were a small group: one person from somewhere else in England and one person from Boston, plus us), and being able to see and hear everything without anyone in the way was a plus. It was a nice way to spend the morning.