Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 209

It was Sunday, so we began the day with a trip to the Farmers’ Market. Local King Salmon season has ended for the year, so we settled for lingcod and halibut. Tomatoes were still good, and we’re hopeful for the strawberries we bought, but the seasons are definitely changing.

After the market, we took our usual Sunday walk in town. We passed a very nice morning glory and both Diane and I took photos. Hers is on her Facebook page. Here’s mine:

When we got home, I looked at my photo and thought it would look better without the bright spot at the upper right of the flower. I’d been looking for a reason to try using my new Apple Pencil for something constructive – this seemed to fit the bill. I downloaded Photoshop for the iPad and started playing; the Pencil made it pretty easy to select the parts of the picture I wanted to deal with, and I wound up with this:

The bright spot is gone. If I knew what I was doing, I probably could have avoided creating the dark blotches, but considering this was my first use of Photoshop and I haven’t looked at the tutorials, I’m not disappointed.

I think I’m keeping the Pencil. I’ll have to find another excuse to go to the Apple Store!