Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 236

I had plans for today. Of course there would be walking and Torah Study and Shir Shabbat services and walking, but after lunch, I planned to work on photos or maybe see if I could improve the way I get from Paprika to a printed meal plan for the week.

That all stopped at 8:30am when I saw a tweet claiming that the AP had called the election for Joe Biden – I checked their feed and it was, of course, true!

We still took a walk before Torah Study, but I was joy-scrolling the entire time. The chatter before Torah Study officially started was all about the election. And after services, while Diane was learning about a new version of the software she uses to make photo books, I was glued to my computer and phone, scrolling and enjoying.

This evening, we watched President-Elect Biden and Vice-President-Elect Harris’s speeches, then some of the after-speech commentary.

And we plan to watch SNL in a few minutes – the cold open should be interesting.

Maybe I’ll work on photos tomorrow.