Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 238

I was Toastmaster for the Silicon Valley Storytellers tonight. Our theme was “A Change of Pace”, which seemed very appropriate given what’s happened today.

We awoke to the first really cold day of the year – our roof was covered in frost (at least I know our insulation is working!). And our trainer texted us to say we couldn’t do our workout outside; fortunately, we had the entire exercise room (maybe 20×30 feet) to ourselves, so I felt OK coming inside.

Our usual custom on Mondays includes a quick walk after our workout to go see what our neighbors have created with their skeletons. Today, we were surprised to discover that they’re going to be taking a break for the foreseeable future! (One of the signs in the photo says “Day 237/Display Day LAST”.)

I’m not planning to take a break – not yet, anyway. See you tomorrow!