Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 257

At the Fortress of Palamidi, overlooking Napfilo

Diane has been working on a Forever photo book about our trip to Greece in 2018, and she asked me to give her my photos. I could have given her all of my photos and been done with it, but That Would Have Been Wrong. Instead, I’ve been culling, geotagging, and labelling the photos from that trip – I started at the end of September and finished just before dinner tonight. I started with 757 photos and ended with 374 – it’s a step in the right direction.

Local progress on keeping COVID-19 under control has been going in the wrong direction; the county just announced a revision to the health orders to further limit capacities for indoor facilities (like stores) and to stop all contact sports and close all cardrooms. The only part of the order that will directly affect us is the capacity limitation on stores, and that only if we happen to go at busy times (the only stores we’re going to are grocery stores and pharmacies!).