Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 263

Lunch today was another experiment, Delicata, Radicchio, and Black Rice Salad from last Sunday’s Mercury News. We couldn’t find Delicata squash, though, so we substituted Kabocha, which meant we had to do more work because it doesn’t have edible skin. And the black rice we chose took nearly an hour to cook (something I didn’t realize until we were actually making the food!). But the final product was tasty, and we were able to eat it outside on a beautiful late fall day.

This evening was the beginning of the official goodbye for Shir Hadash’s Senior Rabbi, Melanie Aron. She’s been with the congregation for 30 years, and she’s made an enormous impact on the community, the congregation, and us. Fortunately, she will be staying here and will become our Rabbi Emerita on January 1st, so we won’t be losing her completely!

Shabbat Shalom!

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