Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 264

Like nearly every Saturday, we spent the day “at” Shir Hadash. But today was unlike every other Saturday, because this evening was the tribute to our Rabbi, Melanie Aron. She’s retiring at the end of the year, though we are fortunate that she’s staying in the area and will become our Rabbi Emerita.

If there hadn’t been a pandemic, the event would have been in person at the synagogue and there might have been issues with the Fire Marshal (and there are plans to have an in-person event when conditions allow), but as it was, we all gathered around our screens and celebrated that way. And because we were online, distance was not a barrier – members who had moved away were able to attend. And the acoustics were great (especially for the pre-recorded musical numbers – our former custodian knocked it out of the park with “L’chi Lach”)!

There were interviews, non-stop tributes in the chat, music, and even a surprise sign event – Diane made our sign and we held it up on cue.

Next week, there will be “Drive By Goodbyes” to Rabbi Aron – it’ll be good to see her in person, but tonight was special.