Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 276

I had hopes of getting my new Mac mini today, but it must have missed the flight from Louisville to Oakland overnight – UPS now tells me it’ll be here tomorrow.

FedEx finally delivered our bagels from New Yorker Bagels a day late; we had to replan our menu for the week because of the delay! They also delivered the box to send Diane’s old laptop back to Apple – we’ve got two weeks to send it, which should give her a chance to really try out the new one first. And we’re still waiting for them to deliver a wine shipment that was supposed to have arrived on Tuesday (good thing we have other sources for wine!).

Our plumber came in the late afternoon and cleared out the drain pipes – he said it looked like an accumulation of grease over the years and suggested a way to avoid having it recur: clean the sink with Comet once a week, fill the basin with water, and then let it all gush out at once to dislodge the grease before it can pile up. Sounds easy enough….