Shelter-in-Place Journal, Day 358

Breakfast this morning was not up to its usual standard. The food was fine (a Minneola tangelo and Cheerios with milk, same as always), but when it came time to make coffee, things went awry. I use a Javapresse manual coffee grinder which I bought almost four years ago. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and nearly idiot-proof.

This morning, though, it felt funny, and it took a very long time to grind the coffee. And what I got was not my usual drip grind – the coffee was ground extremely finely and the water took a very long time to drip through it and into the cup. It took so long that the coffee wasn’t even close to hot by the time I’d finished making it (and I wasn’t awake enough to think about nuking it to warm it up).

I took it apart, cleaned it, and reassembled it (they provide a video, which is good, because I wasn’t sure where the spring and washer I circled in the photo were supposed to go), and it should work better tomorrow morning.