Pandemic Journal, Day 395

We were out on one of our usual walks when I happened to look down and see a credit card on the road. I picked it up, of course, figuring I’d call the bank and have it cancelled and hope that they’d notify the owner. But then I had an idea – I checked NextDoor for the owner’s name and found the person in my neighborhood, so I sent a PM and got an almost immediate response: “yes, I’m out looking for it now!” We were able to meet the owner while we were still on our walk and return the card.

I had my six-week return visit to the oral surgeon today – he was happy with the way the implant had healed. He replaced the temporary healing abutment with something sturdier and set up an appointment with my regular dentist to start the process of putting in the crown. In the meantime, I’m free to chew on both sides of my mouth again. Progress!