Pandemic Journal, Day 410

I finished the Almaniac and sent in my answers this afternoon; I have hopes of having done well, but I’ve been fooled before. I’ll find out next week.

We started seriously looking at flights for our upcoming trip to Iceland and ordered Rick Steves’ Iceland book. The tour doesn’t include a lot of time in Reykjavik (we do go out to the Golden Circle for a full day), so we’re thinking of staying two or three days after the tour and exploring the city. After that, we’ll fly to Boston to visit our son – this is all, of course, assuming that the COVID-19 situation remains good in the US and Iceland. The horrifying news from India makes me wonder, but I can hope.

2 thoughts on “Pandemic Journal, Day 410

  1. Iceland is a very interesting place. We met a young man who was a 6th generation Viking.
    The parks are interesting. You can climb behind some of the waterfalls to get unusual pictures but be careful it is wet and slippery. The glacier is disappointing as it has receded so much. It was not as nice as Alaska. We took 2 tours: The Golden Circle Tour and The South Shore Tour. Both were excellent. If you are into hot baths you can spend a day at their famous Lagoon or just go to one of the hot baths in the city which are quicker to get to. The famous food is the hot dog BUT although you should try them they are horrible. Actually we weren’t too impressed by the food in Iceland but there are some nice restaurants. If you like milkshakes I would recommend The Laundromat in Reykjavik. You only require 2 days to tour the city on your own.

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