Pandemic Journal, Day 412

As usual, we went to the Farmers’ Market this morning – our fish vendor told us that local king salmon season had started yesterday and she hoped to have fresh salmon next week! For today, though, our choice was halibut and lingcod – we’ve already eaten the halibut. :-)

With the advent of warmer weather, we’re drinking more iced tea – Diane makes sun tea using three different kinds of tea, and we ran out of one, PG Tips. Fortunately, we don’t have to go to England to buy more – it’s available at Cost Plus. While we were there, I (unsurprisingly) spent some time looking through the candy department, and I found a few bars of Icelandic chocolate. Most were fairly low in cacao, but they did have a dark chocolate with mint, so I bought one and we had a few squares for dessert. It’s pretty good – I wonder if it’ll be less expensive in Iceland (it was $8 for 7 ounces here). They also had Icelandic beer, but I decided to defer that piece of research for a later date.