Pandemic Journal, Day 421

Lots of travel news today!

We are planning a wine tasting trip to Sonoma in July, being joined by a friend we met on our Costa Rica/Panama cruise last year. I’ve reserved an AirBnB, which was a more complicated process than I expected – my password didn’t work, and my account was tied to a phone number I no longer have and a credit card whose expiration date had changed since the last time I logged into AirBnB. I spelunked through their site and finally found a number (800-234-2500) to call for help – a few minutes later, my account had been reset and I was able to make the booking. It’s a good thing my email hadn’t changed, too!

And the Tanzania extension for our hoped-for trip to Southern Africa this year got cancelled; we were offered an extension to Kenya, instead, which would probably have been even better, but that was just one uncertainty too many for us, so we declined the extension. We are still planning to take the rest of the trip, but still aren’t quite ready to buy airplane tickets.