Pandemic Journal, Day 421

We went to the Legion of Honor to see the special exhibit, Last Supper in Pompeii: From the Table to the Grave – it was worth the trip. The frescos, like this one, were wonderful to see.

I was fascinated by seeing some of the everyday items that were preserved by the eruption – even some food was carbonized and then preserved.

I was amused by seeing this mosaic:

The label describing it says “The fish-sauce maker Scaurus made a fortune from his sauce and became one of the richest people in Pompeii. He bought a mansion and set four of these panels into the floor of its entrance hall”a sign of the pride he took in his trade!”

There was an amphora on display with Scaurus’s label on it – unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of it and can’t find a good one online. But clearly, it paid to advertise!

My favorite mosaic in the show was this one:

The label says, “The skeleton is death himself, and the message is very clear: Carpe diem ” seize the day. Enjoy the delights of the banquet while you can.” We took that advice to heart and had lunch in the Museum Cafe.