Pandemic Journal, Day 447

When I awoke this morning, I was in the middle of a dream. I was back at IBM – in a meeting, of course – trying to get funding for a project. I wasn’t having a lot of success – the person I was trying to convince went on and on about why it couldn’t be done (a far too-familiar occurrence).

I was happy when the alarm went off.

I culled, edited, and titled all of the photos we took in 2020 after returning from the Panama Canal. I started with 78 photos and kept 34 of them; I found one I hadn’t already put in the blog, showing a jacaranda that was blossoming last June (it is just starting to blossom again now).

A jacaranda

And Apple announced the next version of their operating systems for Mac, iPad, and iPhone, but didn’t announce any new hardware, so I won’t need any new funding…for now.