Pandemic Journal, Day 446

We had a very quiet day today – a quick trip to the Farmers’ Market, then Diane chaired the Shir Hadash Book Group while I read the newspapers.

After lunch, we watched an episode of All Creatures Great and Small and the last 30 seconds of CBS Sunday Morning, which was a video of Muir Woods that was created by Lance Milbrand from my Toastmasters club (you can find a longer version here).

We also participated in the talkback for Shylock – they did a good job of including both the in-theatre and on-Zoom audiences in the Q&A. Those of us on Zoom were having a lively discussion before the in-theatre session was ready for us!

Muir Woods was a regular stop when we were coming out here for visits, but we haven’t been very often since moving to the Bay Area – the last time seems to have been in 2009! We need to go back soon!

Forest Floor