Pandemic Journal, Day 477

I enjoyed “A Prarie Home Companion” for many years. I especially liked the opening monologue and the commercials – one of my favorites was the one for Powdermilk Biscuits, which gave you the “strength to get up and do what needs to be done”.

Today, I had the strength to get up and do what didn’t need to be done. And I spent all day doing it.

Here’s what the first paragraph of yesterday’s blog entry looked like when I moved it to the new server – the text is garbled in places where I use special characters like a true apostrophe.

shows codepage problems
That’s not how you spell “hasn’t”!

It took a little research, but I found the problem (a change in MySQL’s default encoding, for those who care). I even found a tool to fix the problem – it had been written in 2011! I ran it, and now the start of yesterday’s post looks like it should:

Screenshot after the fix
*That’s* how you spell “hasn’t”!

When I ran the tool, it issued a few error messages. I, of course, wanted to fix the errors. And I spent the rest of the day hard at work on the problem, migrating the site over-and-over to keep fixing one more error.

During dinner, it occurred to me that I really didn’t need to fix any of those “one more things” – the site worked, after all! So I migrated it one last time, and you’re looking at the result.

Good enough, right?