Pandemic Journal, Day 478

I spoke this morning at my Toastmasters meeting – my speech was titled “The Nose Knows”, and I talked about my experience losing and (so far) regaining my sense of smell. This was the first of a pair of speeches in the project; the goal is to take the feedback I got and use it to improve the speech, then deliver the updated speech and see how well I incorporate the feedback. My evaluator gave me very clear feedback to work on, which I appreciated.

Strangely enough, the speech before mine was titled “Pick Your Nose For Better Health” (breathe through your nose, not your mouth).

Beyond that, I continued migrating the rest of the programs on my old server. Once more, I failed to complete the project because I started working on a problem that I didn’t need to solve!

The weather has turned hot, but we managed a late-evening walk to Safeway to pick up a pillow from the Amazon Locker there. The box was smaller than I expected, but that’s because the pillow was shipped compressed (duh!).