Pandemic Journal, Day 479

I’d been dreading today. It had been two years since I’d “renegotiated” my Comcast deal, and the special pricing was expiring, raising my Internet bill by $30/month.

It’s always possible to get a better deal, but it requires a call to Comcast and a threat to cancel. If you don’t get the right agent, it can take several calls. I decided today was the day and dialed 1-800-XFINITY.

The voice response system that answered wasn’t horrible, but it did insist on texting me a code so I could use their self-service webpage to navigate the menus to get to the right department. I wanted to deal with my Account; I wanted to Change or Cancel Service; I wanted to cancel ALL my service; yes, I was willing to talk to an agent before cancelling.

Ring, ring…”hi, it’s Kristen from Comcast. How can I help you?” Me: “My rate just jumped by $30 and I want to reduce it.” Her: “Ok, let me see what I can do.”

About two minutes later, “I can keep you on the same package at the same price; you’ll still have phone, TV, your premium channels, and gigabit Internet.” Me: “I didn’t think I had gigabit Internet.” Her: “Oh, you’re right – now you’ll have it. And your upstream speed will go from 15mbps to 40 or so.”

I said “yes, do it!” And it was done – for the next two years, when I’ll have to play agent roulette again.

Speedtest results

And I even finished my server migration today. Finally!

Shabbat Shalom!