Pandemic Journal, Day 480

It was hot today. We tried not to move too much, and my watch tells me I was successful at staying put – I expect to miss my calorie goal for the first time in nearly two weeks.

I decided I was finished with the server rebuild I’ve been doing over the past few days, so, just for fun, I tried running the do-release-upgrade command on the old system. An hour or so after issuing the command, I had a mostly functional Ubuntu 20.04 system – but it was still cluttered with old versions of PHP and Python that I’d installed over the past three years. It also was running a different version of the Linux kernel and of Apache than the Ubuntu 20.04 system I’d installed from scratch. I’m glad I chose to start fresh.

Did I mention it was hot today? PG&E was looking at the possibility of rotating power outages. Our house is in an outage block that would be in the first batch of outages, so PG&E wanted to let me know of the possibility. They called and texted my cell, called the house, and sent email – and then they did it all again a couple of hours later when they decided they definitely wouldn’t need to turn off our power today.

I bet they call again tomorrow.