Pandemic Journal, Day 481

We don’t watch much sports on TV (or in person, for that matter), so Ted Lasso wasn’t an automatic “must-watch” for us. But I read so much about it that we gave it a chance last November and loved it.

We wanted to watch it again to refresh our memories before the new season starts in a couple of weeks; we finished it last night. I picked up more of the fine points of soccer than I had gotten on the first viewing (though I still don’t understand the offside rule) – and was just as disappointed by Richmond’s relegation as I was the first time around.

And because we’d just finished Ted Lasso yesterday, I wanted to watch the Euro 2020 final today while my soccer knowledge was at its peak. I didn’t follow the fine points of play, but I did enjoy the game, and really was focused on the penalty kicks at the end.

Maybe I should give American football another chance, too.