Pandemic Journal, Day 515

We got home a few minutes after midnight this morning. Our flight from Boston was late getting into LA, but the flight leaving LA for San Jose was also delayed, so we and our luggage made the connection (and they were able to put us into First Class for that flight, too).

This was our first trip on Delta in a very long time; I had mixed feelings about the experience. On the good side, everyone from the airline was VERY helpful and did everything they could to make our trip pleasant. On the other hand, I’ve never had so many itinerary changes (not even counting the delays yesterday) and trying to reach someone at the airline by phone or chat took a very very long time.

We’re flying them again to my 50th high school reunion in October – I’m crossing my fingers for a smoother experience.

This morning, we looked at the garden – it’s been busy while we were away. In particular, the cucumber vines were very generous, though they may be done for the season.

3 thoughts on “Pandemic Journal, Day 515

  1. It was interesting following your Iceland trip while we were in the midst of an Alaska trip. We still have Icelandair credit to use, so maybe next year… I agree about Delta’s schedule changes and the excessive phone wait times. Fortunately our several schedule changes only required reaching an actual human once.

  2. Was your Alaska trip land or sea based? Where’d you go? We have an Alaska cruise scheduled for next year (I think) with some land time planned before so we can see Denali.

  3. We flew into Fairbanks via MSP (irresistibly cheap point redemption on Delta round-trip). After 3 hotel nights and local sightseeing, took the Alaska RR to Denali (splurged for Goldstar service). Spent 2 nights at the McKinley Chalet with a Tundra Wilderness Tour Bus into the park. Denali was hidden by clouds as usual but we saw practically all of the notable wildlife: Grizzly Bears, Dall Sheep, Moose, Caribou, Golden Eagles, Arctic Squirrels , Moose, and a family of ptarmigan. Then we returned to Fairbanks by train for one more hotel night before catching our 1:00 AM return red-eye flight connecting in SEA for the return home.

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