Pandemic Journal, Day 525

Today was a fairly boring day, which is NOT a complaint.

We ran some errands, the most exciting of which involved a trip to the Apple Store to drop off an accumulation of cables and other obsolete electronics for responsible disposal. I was shocked by how many USB2 cables I had; I was also surprised to discover I was the owner of a DisplayPort to MiniDisplayPort cable. And I’d clearly gone overboard in buying HDMI cables a few years ago – I got rid of a couple which were still in their original sealed plastic bags.

I also continued working on the bug I wrote about on Sunday – my bug report wasn’t completely clear, so I built a small test case and sent it to the developer. I wanted to include photos with all possible combinations of title and description, and I wanted to make it easy to tell which photo had which combination, so I sent him these photos.

Not very artistic, but probably clear!