Pandemic Journal, Day 546

I voted in a very important election today. Not the California Governor Recall – I’d voted “NO!” on that almost a month ago (and I’m happy to see that all the networks and the AP have declared that the recall failed).

Today, I voted in the election for the Very Best Wrong Answer for Learned League season 90. The winner won’t be announced until Sunday, but the top 15 will be posted on the League’s Twitter and Facebook pages between now and then. My top vote went to this one:

While a certain book and staple of college writing courses is commonly known by the names of its coauthors (the first of whom originally published the 43-page book in 1918 and the second of whom enlarged it in 1959), it is also well-known by its official title, which is what?

50 Shades of Grammar

But it wasn’t all fun and games today – Apple announced products which will probably cost me money, and the author of osxphotos pushed a fix for the Unicode filename problem I ran into a few days ago. I knew Unicode was complicated, but I didn’t realize it was as complicated as it is – in particular, that accented characters have “composed” and “decomposed” forms and that it matters which one you happen to run into. What you see on the screen is just the tip of the iceberg!