Pandemic Journal, Day 558

We got our flu shots today. It’s a bit earlier than we would usually get them, but we are planning to go to my 50th High School reunion soon, and it seemed like a good idea to prepare. We avoided the big drug stores (CVS and Walgreens) in favor of Pharmaca in downtown Los Gatos – there was no line and we each got a $5 gift certificate, which we immediately used to buy chocolate bars (they have a much better selection than CVS or Walgreens!).

While we were downtown, we popped into the Apple Store so I could look at the new iPad mini and show it to Diane. The store was surprisingly uncrowded for the Sunday after a phone release – so uncrowded that I was able to get some time with a tech to see if he could figure out why I couldn’t install the Mindfulness app on my watch. He couldn’t figure it out in the time we had available, which left me three choices:

• Ignore the Mindfulness app (probably the best choice)
• Do an on-line chat with tech support and see what they could figure out
• Reset the watch and set it up as a new watch to see if Mindfulness returns.

I’m trying option 3 – and it worked. Now I just have to recover everything else on the watch….

This evening, we had dinner and drinks in the Sukkah at Shir Hadash along with a couple of dozen other members – it was a very pleasant evening indeed.