Pandemic Journal, Day 560

I slept much better last night – it might have something to do with my having taken a double dose of Atarax before bedtime as preparation for my first allergy desensitization shot today.

The shot gave me no problems, though I am mildly annoyed that I have to carry a plastic card with a barcode printed on it to be able to check in every time I get a shot. They use a slot scanner, so I can’t put the barcode on my phone, either.

My trip to the clinic gave me a bit of a scare, though – I discovered who the new temporary tenant is at the old Fry’s Electronics in Campbell.

But I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised – Spirit specializes in finding large disused retail buildings and giving them a brief afterlife as popup Halloween stores, so the old Fry’s is a perfect fit. I wonder if they’ve taken over all of the old Fry’s locations – many of them would be thematically appropriate!