Pandemic Journal, Day 563

This morning, I got two pieces of bad news from my high school class on Facebook – one of my classmates, Pat Vines, had a heart attack and died yesterday, and our class advisor won’t be able to attend the reunion because her husband has Alzheimer’s and she can’t leave him. We’re all getting older, but sometimes it really comes home.

And later today, we learned that the Sapporo Snow Festival has been canceled for 2022, which means our “Japan In Winter” trip for February has been postponed by a year. That trip was the replacement for a cruise to Sicily and Malta this past May, which was the replacement for a cruise to Japan and Korea in April 2020. I’m beginning to have my doubts about having taken credit for the first trip instead of getting a refund!

I was Board Representative at services tonight at Shir Hadash; we had more people watching the livestream than we had in the Sanctuary! I’m glad we were there in person – it felt good to be in the Sanctuary.

Shabbat Shalom!