Pandemic Journal, Day 579

The truly observant among you will have noticed that tonight’s “Pandemic Journal” number is two more than yesterday’s and might be wondering what happened.

I usually write these entries in Day One on my Mac, then I copy them into WordPress and publish them on the blog. Day One doesn’t have an automatic numbering feature, so I look at the previous day’s entry and add one when I write the new one. But I made a mistake on May 12th and just copied “Day 421” instead of incrementing it.

I might never have noticed if I hadn’t opened up the journal on the iPhone – the iPhone version of Day One shows the number of consecutive days you’ve created a journal entry, and today, instead of the 578 days I expected to see, I saw this:

Now I have to decide whether or not to fix the incorrect titles. Day One doesn’t have an API that would let me access the entries directly, but I can export the journal as JSON, figure out the fine details of the format, write code to fix the problems, re-import the journal, and do the same thing on WordPress so that the blog is consistent with the journal. Or I could just fix the numbering starting with today’s entry, which I’ve already done. Decisions, decisions….